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The Must Do’s

Things you must do while you are there
Sightseeing Landmarks

1. Teleshayakh Mosque
2. Shahr-i-Zindar Monuments
3. Gur Emir Mausoleum
4. Great Minaret of the Kalon
5. Ismail Samanid Mausoleum


1. Central Asian Plov Centre
2. Caravan
3. Karambek
4. Silk Road Tea House
5. Gruzinski Dvorik


1. Japanese Garden
2. Registan
3. Lyab-i-Hauz
4. Palace of Moon-like Stars
5. Metro Tashkent

Explore One of the world’s exotic
travel destination, Uzbekistan

Experiences 8 – 12 days exciting trips.
We invite you to visit sunny Uzbekistan! You experience a trip like no other when you visit the world-renowned cities – Samarkand Oriental pearls, noble Bukhara, fabulous Khiva, the capital of warmth of friendship Tashkent, the heart of the Golden Valley Fergana, the ancient center of Buddhism in Termez, and so much more!

Best Tours to Uzbekistan