Hi Natalie, we LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Russia!

Hi Natalie, we LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Russia!  We had an amazing time.  Every guide was great and Yulia was “over the top” helpful and so kind to us trying to help us resolve our Visa issue.  We made it all work and every guide was great.  Our driver on our trip to Suzdal was amazing as was Elena our guide.  We had a wonderful time on the two day one night trip.  Kirill was an AMAZING guide as well.  He knew the answer to every question we asked.  Loved him as well.

     Anna in St. Petersburg was also amazing.  She was so sweet and also so knowledgeable.  We loved her!  The car we had the first day was not nice but ok.  We had a different car and driver day two and three that was nice and good.
Thank you for all the Restaruant recommendations – all were fantastic.  We really loved Turandot in Moscow.  Over the top beautiful.
Sad we missed some days in St. Petersburg and sad we missed Swan Lake but we gave our first row tickets to Yulia and her mother who flew up to St. Petersburg and used them.  She deserved them after all she did for us.  She was absolutely amazing and tried so hard to help us.
Again, we loved Russia and everything you lined up for us.  Amazing trip and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help.  It was a miracle that we were able to get back to St. Petersburg by ferry and make the best of a really bad situation.  Lesson learned.
If I can ever help you please do not hesitate to ask.
All the best,