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Explore One of the world’s exotic
travel destination, Russia

Experiences 8 days exciting trips.
Discover Russia the largest country in the world that spreads for thousands kilometers though Europe and Asia covering 1/7 of all the land of the planet and crossing 11 time zones. Discover the hospitality of people and high-quality services of hotels in Russia. Discover the great culture of the country combining elements of West and East civilizations. Discover old Russian cities with their historical monuments, magnificent churches and monasteries, Tzar palaces, museums and galleries. Discover the urban spirit and vibrant social life of big cities with numerous nightclubs, concerts, shows, festivals.

The Must Do’s

Things you must do while you are there
Sightseeing Landmarks

1. Moscow Kremlin
2. Red Square
3. Kremlin Walls and Towers
4. Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood
5. Palace Square


. Cafe Abajour
2. Khachapuri
3. Cafe Pushkin
4. Teplo
5. Stolovaya 57


1. Peterhof Palace and Garden
2. Mariinsky Theatre
3. The Armoury
4. State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace
5. St. Basil’s Cathedral

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