Moscow’s most iconic restaurants


For those seeking the absolute best view and food to compliment: Located in Moscow’s financial district on the 62nd floor of the Federation Tower, one of the highest restaurants in all of Europe, Sixty. At Sixty, you will experience the best views of Moscow coupled with dishes that combine French, Italian, and modern Russian cuisine in beautiful harmony.

Before you even enter the restaurant, you enter the tower’s elevators that run by the glass exterior of the building. From there, you can see the whole world gradually getting smaller. You’ve made it and as the doors open, you’re greeted with a lovely collage of contemporary and 60s-inspired decor. Above you hang gorgeous light fixtures that feature 300 globe lights hanging on 2.5 kilometers of wire! Below you, there is an arrangement of stunning wood tables with the comfiest velvet chairs you’ve ever seen. Surrounding the restaurant, there are numerous interesting art fixtures and beautiful geodes that glimmer in the light. But most importantly, you have three stories of windows, letting in gorgeous natural light, from where you can see the sunrise, sunset, and the city teeming with color at night. Not to mention that the windows open and you can feel the gentle breeze. Look below if you dare!

With such stunning views comes equally stunning food and drinks. The restaurant has a reasonably large menu catering to all tastes, diets (vegan, gluten-free, etc.), price ranges, and appetites! You can indulge and have chateaubriand steak from the charcoal grill, risotto with lobster, pesto, and black truffle, and many other dishes. If you’re looking for a lighter meal, the restaurant has over a dozen delicious salad options and a half-dozen Russian, French, and Italian soups. In terms of drinks, the restaurant has a large bar with a wonderful mixologist creating classics and modern cocktails. Not to mention, the place has a 3 story wine rack!

If you come to Sixty, you will not be disappointed. There is genuinely something for everyone, and most importantly, the height and view is with few rivals across Europe!

Note: If you seek a seat closer to the window or in the evening, make sure to make a reservation at least a few days in advance, as the restaurant tends to be very busy.

White Rabbit

For those in need of a world class dining experience and 360° view: Located on top of Building 3 in Smolenskaya Square, near various government and historical buildings, is the restaurant White Rabbit. White Rabbit provides an award winning and world-ranked modern russian gastronomic experience like no other in Russia. In fact, it was voted the 13th best restaurant in the entire world by over 1,000 culinary experts. Furthermore, head chef and culinary innovator Vladimir Mukhin was recently ranked 9th place in Barcelona’s 2019 The Best Chef Award. This is all very impressive, but what do you actually get?

Once you have made it to the top of the building via elevator, you enter what simply is the comfiest and coziest dining area you’ve ever seen. There are velvet chairs and couches surrounding gorgeous wooden tables, carefully set up and decorated for guests. Each table’s centerpiece consists of a lovely candle and a small, yet tasteful bouquet of greenery. But what truly makes the space is the glass arched dome that makes up the exterior of the restaurant. From there, you can see Moscow’s skyscrapers, the lights, historical sights, the Moscow River, and the city beating its great big heart. And if you’re worried about the sun being too bright during the day, the venue has lovely fabric shades that can cover the whole dome!

Despite having one of the loveliest views in all of Moscow, it’s the food that will truly impress. At White Rabbit, Chef Mukhin’s goal is to not only impress you and provide a wonderful dining experience, but innovate and elevate Russian cuisine following the rules of high gastronomy. With the utmost respect for traditional Russian dishes, he and his team take their essence and drive them into the 21st century with modern cooking techniques, ingredients, and the latest trends and innovations. It goes without saying that all the ingredients are fresh, seasonal, and come from the best sources in all of Russia.

There are two primary dining experiences. The first is a seasonal tasting menu called “Contrast”, where the theme is to represent various opposites present in nature, life, and society through different, unique yet surprising, and complementary flavor combinations, like ice cream from traditional black bread. The second is the classic restaurant experience where you can order from elevated classics like borscht to delicacies and staples of high cuisine, such as beef tongue, rabbit liver pate, and filet mignon with parsnip puree, foie gra and black truffle. These are but a few examples of a diverse menu featuring the finest seafood, meats, poultry, wildfowl, seasonal/local fruits and vegetables, and desserts.

At White Rabbit, Chef Mukhin takes Russian cuisine to new places and heights, without ever sacrificing quality, flavor, and the essence of Russian traditional cooking. So, if you’re looking for the very pinnacle of modern Russian gastronomy and unique views, look no further than White Rabbit.

Note: Keep in mind that the restaurant is very popular, especially the tasting menu, so make sure to make your reservation a few days in advance!


For those wanting historical views and affordable exclusivity: Situated atop the Central City Tower Roof with a panoramic view of the Kremlin and Moscow’s historical center is Chef Carlo Grecu’s Karlson. At the Karlson, you will get the most historically rich views married with a varied modern cuisine featuring dishes from all over the world.

When entering the restaurant, you enter a setting that is simple, calming, atmospheric, and very comfortable. Much like the name, the restaurant’s setting is very Scandanavian in its nature and inspiration. The floor space is occupied by a series of simple yet elegant wooden tables that are surrounded by mid-century modern chairs. In between, there are various installations of soothing greenery to contrast to the tonaly minimalistic environment. Above, hanging basket lights provide the warmest of light to the room. However, what adds beautiful complexity to the room are the panoramic arched windows, held by lovely and curved white exposed beams. You can see the sky, city, and historical sights with fantastic clarity. Furthermore, there is a balcony area where you can enjoy the fresh air, picturesque views, and fine dining.

When it comes to food, the Karlson has thought of everyone in terms of diets, tastes, and price points. The restaurant focuses on combining local ingredients in an international inspired menu, featuring a wide assortment of seafood, local meats, and desert classics. In particular, there is a fantastic stock of shellfish and fish tartars. However, what makes the restaurant really stand out is its grilled and onsight-smoked items including smoked turkey, duck leg, sterlet, tuna, and atlantic salmon. These are just a few of the items on the the large quality menu, where items range from 10 to 30 US dollars.

If you desire historical views and affordable and quality food, Karlson is your best option.


For those in search of views of the city’s skyscrapers and quality Italian cuisine: Located on the 29th and 30th floors of the recently renovated, 5-star Ukraina Hotel, is the Buono. Buono is a restaurant overlooking the Moskva river and the 7 skyscrapers of the city. There, you can get quality Italian cuisine, such as wood-fired oven pizzas, and a few Russian favorites as well.

The best way to describe the interior is classy and comfortable. Inside, you have a lovely cream-colored interior with elegantly tiled walls and wooden floors. The tables are set with lovely cloths, candle centerpieces with small chandeliers, and cushioned wood-woven chairs. Among all this, there are several potted plants that add a tasteful green element. But the view is really the stand out. Most of the tables at the Buono are situated by the panoramic windows on the outside of the restaurant, from which you can see the city skyline. Sitting on the nice cushioned seats, you feel truly pleasant and at ease.

The head chef, Christian Lorenzini, has many years of experience preparing traditional and modern Italian cuisine on the Italian Riviera. At Buono, his class and experience shows itself exquisitely. From freshly made pasta to potatoes, seafood to steak, and assortments of fruits and classic Italian desserts, you can get it all at reasonable prices and excellent quality. Moreover, there is something for those with special diets such as gluten-free and vegan.

All in all, if you want quality Italian savory, seafood, and dessert classics, with a lovely atmosphere, and fantastic view, Buono is a fantastic option.

Note: If you want to have some drinks besides wine, their Mercedes Bar is located just above, serving luscious cocktails and modern Euro cuisine.

Seventh Heaven Restaurant

For those in search of a meal in the clouds: high above literally everything around is the Ostankino TV tower. Since 1967, the tower has been an eye-catching sight for all near it. At the same time, 330 meters above is the Seventh Heaven Restaurant, and has been serving quality food for over 50 years. You’ll see all of Moscow and more (maybe bring binoculars).

The restaurant has three floors and sections: the first is the restaurant, the second is the cafe, and the top one is the coffee bar. What’s really fantastic is that the restaurant rotates, with a full cycle completing every 40 minutes. Talk about a 360° view! The decor is very similar to when it opened; mid-century modern, but the restaurant has kept itself up very well and still looks fresh. The menu is very diverse featuring cold and warm appetizers, such as soups, salads, and assorted cold fish and meats. The main courses include a wide variety of fish, crustaceans, shellfish, beef, veal, duck, pork, lamb and turkey dishes.

The restaurant complex covers three floors. In order to get there, you need to buy a ticket to the observation point. Then choose where to eat: in a bistro, cafe or restaurant. The tables stand on a platform that rotates in 40-minute intervals, showing you Moscow from a bird’s-eye view. The different dining options vary in terms of menu, price and interior decoration. Chef Andrey Gurko is guaranteed to complement the views with equally impressive gastronomic adventures. For desert, there are a lot of cakes, pies, ice creams, and coffee varieties. Overall, there are many delicious options for many price ranges and tastes.

If the high in the clouds is where you want to be, indulging yourself in excellent dishes, Seventh Heaven Restaurant is where you want to be!