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Explore One of the world’s exotic
travel destination, Moldova

Experiences 5 days exciting trips.
Although it has a small area, the Republic of Moldova is a great tourist destination. It has 87 museums with rich collections of art, the remains of medieval fortresses, archaeological complexes such as Orheuil Vechi, cave monasteries and nobles’ mansions and peasant houses that offer a diversity of sight to see! Plus the one thing that is known throughout the world WINE! There are 142 wineries in the Republic of Moldova, of which 23 have facilities to receive visitors. Here tourists can experience and learn about the complex production processes, see bottling and, of course, sample the final product.

The Must Do’s

Things you must do while you are there
Sightseeing Landmarks

1. Saharna Monastery
2.Festung Tighina
3. Muzeul National de Etnografie si Istorie Naturala
4. Jewish Cemetery
5. Catedrala Nasterea Domnului


1. La taifas
2. Caravan
3. PaniPit
4. Mojito Terasa
5. Marrakesh


1. Stefan cel Mare Park
2. Dendrarium Park
3. Pushkin Museum
4. Botanical Garden of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova
5. Tirasapol

Best Tours to Moldova