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Explore One of the world’s exotic
travel destination, Kazakhstan

Experiences 7-9-10 days exciting trips.
Kazakhstan is a unique region in the world, because of its history, geographical position and size. Being the world’s 9th largest country and located in the center of Eurasia, it is also the largest landlocked country in the world. These resulted in a specific climate and a peculiar natural system of the country, which seems to absorb the brightest examples of landscape of both continents. In addition, complicated history of Kazakh people and constant interaction of nomadic lifestyle with settled people in South Kazakhstani ancient cities, have led to a unique and authentic culture of Kazakhstan.

These peculiarities have created an opportunity to develop various and diverse offers in Kazakhstan travel and tourism industry, which include authentic cultural tourism, nature-based activities, including ecotourism, birdwatching, etc. in national parks and protected areas, skiing or trekking in mountains, water sports, sunbathing and swimming in lakes and rivers of Kazakhstan, and many others.

The Must Do’s

Things you must do while you are there
Sightseeing Landmarks

1. The Institute of Ancient Manuscripts
2. The Monastery of Geghard
3. Tsitsernakaberd
4. Kecharis Monastery
5.Haghartsin Monastery


1. Malkhas Jazz Club
2. The Club Yerevan
3. Dolmama Restaurant
4. Artashi Mot
5. In Vino


1. Goris, Armenia
2. The Cascade
3. Khor Virap
4. The Opera
5. Lover’s Park Yerevan

Best Tours to Kazakhstan