Russian Restaurants in the Best Restaurants in the World Rankings

Restaurant Magazine, from London, publishes an annual list of the 50 best restaurants and bars in the world. Their guide includes information about 1600 establishments from 75 countries and the full ranking lists the 120 best.

In 2019 Russia had 5 restaurants in the top 120 ranked.  Two Moscow establishments were in the top 20 best restaurants in the world:

Twins Garden (flagship project of the Berezutsky brothers) – 19th place; and

White Rabbit (chef Vladimir Mukhin) – 13th place.

One of the most prestigious Moscow restaurants, White Rabbit has already been in the top 30 of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 5 times. In 2018, the institution rose to 15th place. This was the best result for a Russian restaurant in the history of the award. This year, the legendary White Rabbit broke its own record by moving up to 13th place.

The St. Petersburg restaurant industry is catching up with Moscow, with two restaurants in the top 110. In 2019 Harvest was ranked 92 and Cococo was ranked 104.

Moscow and St. Petersburg restaurants are really exciting and unique experiences.

The remarkable food as well as the design and service level will make unforgettable impressions.

 A Bit of History of the Modern Russian Restaurant Industry

We would like to introduce one of the first entrepreneurs in the restaurant industry of Russia: Arkadiy Novikov. A graduate of the Moscow Culinary College and with a Master’s degree in Economics, he started his professional career as a chef at the restaurant University. In 1990 Arkadiy Novikov became a chef at the famous Hard Rock Cafe.  In 1992, Novikov opened his first restaurant “Sirena”, which became the first seafood restaurant in Moscow with a new revolutionary approach to the cuisine, service, design and atmosphere. It started the beginning of a new, post-Soviet stage in the development of the Russian restaurant business. In 2002, Novikov established his own greenhouse “Agronom “(Agronomist) in Gorki-10. Since 2005, he has been engaged in the creation and promotion of environmentally friendly products under the brand NOVIKOV. In 2012 he opened his first restaurant in London – NOVIKOV Restaurant & Bar.

Today the Novikov Group has been a leader in the business for more than 27 years with over 80 successful projects. The Novikov Group is global, not only all over Russia but also in London, Dubai, Miami, with gastronomic delights from top chefs, contemporary interior design, impeccable service, and a cozy atmosphere.  The company is constantly opening new projects and actively developing new destinations and directions. To date, in addition to restaurants, cafes and bars, the Novikov Group includes Novikov TV, Novikov Catering, floral salons “Flower Studio 55”, “Just For You,” a company producing and delivering healthy diets food , the greenhouse complex “Agronom “,  the charity Group Arkadiy Novikov, the Novikov School, Novikov International, a healthy lifestyle project “How to Green”, a wine club “Taste Wine by Novikov”, as well as projects Aeromenu and Travel Gourmet. It is impressive how Arkadiy Novikov has expanded and been so influential in the whole restaurant industry in Russia.