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Explore One of the world’s exotic
travel destination, Armenia

Experiences 7-8 days exciting trips.
Armenia previously “Urartu” in the Bible is mentioned as “Ararat” which is the biblical resting place of Noah’s ark where remnants have been found. Armenia is historically considered the oldest Christian Nation in the world adopting the Christianity as state religion in 301.

The Must Do’s

Things you must do while you are there
Sightseeing Landmarks

1. The Institute of Ancient Manuscripts
2. The Monastery of Geghard
3. Tsitsernakaberd
4. Kecharis Monastery
5.Haghartsin Monastery


1. Malkhas Jazz Club
2. The Club Yerevan
3. Dolmama Restaurant
4. Artashi Mot
5. In Vino


1. Goris, Armenia
2. The Cascade
3. Khor Virap
4. The Opera
5. Lover’s Park Yerevan

Best Tours to Armenia